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  • BILLIARD TABLE elegant in colonial style built by Restaldi entirely in solid mahogany, walnut or toulipier, artfully finished by our master artisans.
  • Available with or without pockets.
  • Patented carrier frame, on which other components are mounted.
  • Base made of 4 manufactured legs.
  • Choice Polishing (also on sample), with exaltation of the veining and shades of wood used. Restaldi recommends wax open pore finish.
  • Grinding of slate floor - Unique in the world!
  • Angular competition sides.
  • Cloth of the highest quality from the best brands available in all colors.
  • Cover in two or more interlocking sliding elements.


To be placed in the most suitable and stylish way as possible, all Restaldi furniture billiards can be fully customized choosing, with no limits, even the hue and finish of the piece.

Absolute grip of billiard balls
Tightness of screws
Stroke silence


Playing field size:

A: cm. 180x90;
B: cm. 200x100;
C: cm. 220x110;
D: cm. 254x127;

Room size:

A: cm. 424x334;
B: cm. 442x343;
C: cm. 500x390;
D: cm. 534x407;


From Kg.320 to Kg. 625 approximately

Size billiard table with cover:

A. cm. 220x130;
B. cm. 240x140;
C. cm. 260x150;
D. cm. 294x167;

Playing surface:

cm. 75

Table height:

cm. 81


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