Restaldi Pool

No other company can count on experience acquired in more than two centuries of activity centered on a main, beloved and always improved object: the billiard. Restaldi, with an eye constantly on beauty and quality, takes great care in every detail of the production of each individual pool, offering to individual clients the opportunity to personalize its piece, adapting it to specific requirements of space, in full respect of the size and rendition of the game.

Each Restaldi Pool is a unique piece an authentic example of beauty functionality and perfection.

The Restaldi catalogue is extremely varied and rich; it includes every type of pool table: tables for the American Game (Pool), Tables for International Games without Holes, tables for The Italian Game with narrow holes, tables for Russian Games, and Snooker. Without mentioning the passion for antique pools, and the convenience of table and commercial pools, and our EXCLUSIVE Foolish Collection.

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